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Amit Ray

University Programs

Educational Institutes are the hub of young generation, the next generation. These are the places where personalities are formed through inculcating educational values. Student ideology takes a shape while studying the defined courses. As they come out as a graduate or a post graduate out of a college or a university they are enthusisatic to take on the challenges of life. But somehow as soon as they face the realities of life many of them looses their focus of serving the society. They just enter in rat race of earning more and more. Thus in such situations with materialistic targets they get often over stressed, leading to many unfortuante happenings.

The race to earn more as to have maximum life actually takes the cost of inner calmness. No doubt outer heights are achieved, by earning a handsome salary, owning a new car, having a big bank balance but it also creates an inner pauper ship. Even with all the outer achievements, a feeling of dissatisfaction exists. The feeling of Love, Peace and Belongingness are lost in the process. People become Islands of loneliness.

Every outer achievement has taken a cost. With all achievements in life, heart attacks have increased, sugar and BP patients have increased, and psychosocial problems are on rise. Society is breaking in terms of broken families, increased cases of divorces, oldage homes, crèches, pre and post marital relationships, drug addictions and alcoholism. Suicidal tendencies among professionals are on rise, family's disputes are affecting the work environment. This has been becoming a sign of alarm for all the institutions. Management have realised that even with the best possible salaries employees are not satisfied. Where have we gone wrong? People have forgotten that salaries and facilities can provide comforts for the body but untill and unless a person is at "Peace with Himself" he cannot give his best. A balance between the Outer and Inner heights is required. Human Aspirations with social surrounding often get blurred with materialism, competition, self centered approach, jealousy, ego and anger. Our Approach Our experiements with different communities have shown us that the sense of social responsibility towards our fellow beings and in all towards mankind can be regained if we spent some time daily on our Self. We through our programmes allow you to make Self Introspection as to have Self Awareness. Programmes has power to rejuvenate and repair inner systems of Compassion and Love.

What SOHAM Offer? Present course is a humble effort in this direction. This offers you an opportunity to enrich your life. For the same, we offer you one day/two days/three day's course. The more we are working on it more we are maturing. Every course is providing us a new insight to learn and to find out the ways, processes to work upon it. These courses are basically designed to inspire individuals/group employees /Institutions/ special groups/Managements and professionals. This is like a breather from the suffocating environment. It is also to energise and motivate everybody and to enjoy the circumstances of life whatever they may be. Who can be Benefitted? Anyone, young or old, working or non working, men or women- can enjoy the fruits of this interactive learning workshop. We can arrange the Workshop in serene and quite environment of Solan (HP) or at the place of Agency. We also promote individual learning sessions but not less than three days (24 hours in total). People working in NGOs/business organizations/educational institutions are provided courses which can be modified as per the needs of specific occupations/profession/interest. Achievements: SOHAM has taken up progarmmes with Department of Psychology, Shimla University, Delhi School of Social work, Delhi University and Punjab University by taking up the sessions with the students and staff of these universities. SOHAM has also taken session with different NGOs.

To name a few there are

Indian Association for Muscular Distrophy, Solan


ITI Nahura Dhar, Sirmaur


DAV collge for women, Chandigarh

Matu Ram DAV School, Solan

Kamla Nehru Hospital, Allahabad at Kumb Mela-2006

Bal- Balika Ashram of Govt. of Himachal through Department of Social Justice and Empowerment, Himachal Pradesh

Punjab Association of Govt. Doctors

PGIMER, Chandigarh

Red Ribbon Clubs of District Bilaspur, Shimla and Hamirpur though State AIDS Control Society (HP)

Gunjan- A Society of Community Development, Dharmshalla (HP)

How to Approach Us?

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