Sponsor A Child

You can be the sponsor of a single child by donating 1500 Rs per month or 18000 Rs per year. Though till every child has a sponsor the donations will be used for all the children.

As a Policy we don't maintain a Giver-Reciever Relationship rather promote a feeling of One's responsibility to contribute for a cause. However we also promote to visit us anytime and particiapate in different activities of the Organisation.


You are welcome to visit us at Solan and learn with children the art of Self Awareness and know the charms of Meditation and then you can start Meditation as the core activity of all these interventions.

Way of Payment

All cheques/draft can be made in favour of SOHAM (Account Payee) payable at State bank of Patiala , Solan. You can send it to...... C/o Soham

DAMAN AHUJA A-6 Dev Bhoomi Apartments
Power House Road, Saproon
Solan. H.P. India