Our Philosphy

Development with Divinity

SOHAM believes that every individual is divine by nature. The purpose of Meditation is to bring out this divinity. Once this process of realizing divinity starts; love-unconditional oozes out for the whole of mankind. The same loves can be directed to be used for the developmental activities.

Love empowers us to help others. Love makes us rich from inside and makes us shed our poorness of all kind. Thus Meditation is the art of loving our ownself which comprehends all. It is the basic tool for realizing the Immense treasure of love, creativity, compassion and enenay with in oneself. Swami Vivekanand puts it, "Vayakti Ayakat Braham Hai" (A Man is a Unrealized God).

SOHAM (Social Orientation to Human Aspirations Through Meditation) aims to build India rather world in this perspective. It is not only the materialistic development, physical development, but the core development of individual, holistic development, the comprehensive development of all. The main feature among all development is love. To realize it one has to sit with oneself and explore the divinity from within. This is where we concieved SOHAM. All activities start with Meditation. We keep it as an unending process. We orient people without discrimination on the basis of age, caste, cread, colour & country. The key to every social problem lies in Self-Awareness balancing oneself