Our Partners

We have not climbed these mountains on our own. We have been helped, supported and aided in all our endeavours by Local Clubs, foundations, schools, communities and indviduals, who have provided us with funding and specialised inputs and partnered us in implementing our projects. There have been many like-minded people and institutions as well who have also walked this path with us and helped us with their support.

Solan Rotary Club

Solan Rotary Club has emerged as a biggest partner of SOHAM. Club has adopted SOHAM in its yearly plan of actions. Club has always stood by the side of SOHAM in all kind of emergencies. Mr. Arun Trehan always remained a silent donor in its whole journey of SOHAM.

Solan InnerWheel Club

Inner wheel club Solan has also partnered with SOHAM from time to time and has contributed to different needs.
Lions Club Solan and Lions Club Solan valley, District Red Cross Society, Sai- Samiti, solan has also helped SOHAM to run its various activities.


Aptech Solan has extended an open invitation to all Students of SOHAM for the basic course of computer learning. Master Tarachand has completed the basic course of computers from APTECH Solan.

Schools of Solan

Almost all the schools of Solan have regularly motivated their students to visit SOHAMVISHVAS Ghar. Apart from sharing their time they have contributed significantly. The schools and their Children who happen to be the regular visitor of SOHAM are

  • Matu Ram D.A.V Senior Secondary School
  • St. Lukes Senior Secondary School
  • Geeta Adarsh Vidhyala
  • B. L. Central Public School
  • Vishvas Public School

District Adminstration

Since its inception all the District Collectors and Suptd. Of Police have continued to celebrate the festival of HOLI and DEPPAWALI with the children of SOHAM. Many of them have celebrated the birthdays of their Kids with Children of SOHAM, so as to share the feeling of oneness with them.


One of the objectives of the Muskan is to function like an Umbrella organization to support initiatives of those individuals who are doing social work with a passion and commitment. SOHAM is one such partner of Muskan. Having discussed with Daman Ahuja SOHAM, Executive Director of SOHAM, Vibha is keen to integrate meditation into all aspects of Muskan.
She says: “It is going to be a mutual partnership. I came here to explore areas for support and here I am getting a lot in return, the support to integrate meditation into Muskan’s activities.
Students from Yale and Princeton University made a four days trip to SOHAM. The guests from the American University named Ameliya, Ms Tae-yeon and Mr. Amit are the intern students to the Delhi based organization called “Muskan.
The students played, meditated with children and overwhelmed to see how disciplined and energetic these kids were despite living in limited resources. All the three students were in India for 2 months with Muskan.
The students from American University are learning about the richness of mediation and are very enthusiastic to garner support for the cause of SOHAM. Amit of Yale University says: “Children are really happy without luxuries in SOHAM, they are amazed to see that”. Tae- Yeaoun of yale University says: “to live without resources as Scorates have said that the unexamined life is not worth living, in SOHAM she has found the same”.
Ameliya of Princeton University says: ”Based on my visit SOHAM is not only empowering individuals and communities, SOHAM is also equipping these communities with tools to live compassionately”