Soham Image gallary

Soham Places special emphasis on Meditation

Soham Children Meditating in the beginning

Playing Cricket

Celebrating Holi Festival

Moving for an Outing

Shoolini Mela(Local Festival in Solan)

One of the Friends of Soham

Students from United Kingdom visited Soham

Soham’s President Dr. Sanjai Bhatt with Children

Soham’s Founder Daman Ahuja, President and Children

Rotary Club Solan Shares moments of Love

Students from Princton and Yale University USA with SOHAM Children

Celebrating Birthday of Soham

Playful time

Asun- a Psychologist Volunteer from Spain

Meditation Time

Celebrating Deepawali in 2007

District Collector Solan shares time with SOHAM Children

Women Vocational Programme