Friends Of Soham

Master Vikram Singh

Every single child in the school between the age group of 6-16 yrs only needs to save a little in a month from his belongings, be it time, be it little resources which he owns, a pencil, a copy, a pen, a shoe, a shirt, a pant, a school bag or whatever, no borrowing from parents or teachers etc and share for his fellow brothers for their education, recreation, health, boarding and lodging.

The soul purpose of the activity is to generate brotherhood feeling amongst community of physical have and have-nots and also to associate normal school children with the concept of Joy of Giving.

It is thereby spreading the Chain of Sharing to a larger group which will further make them better citizens. Also it will generate a feeling of co-operation, adjustment, sacrifice and patriotism in normal school going children. Further interaction between the kids serves the actual goal of SOHAM to attain Development with Divinity, bliss and peace through meditation.

The purpose of keeping Child own Belongings is not to impose an extra burden on parents rather it is for to Enlightened Voluntarism of each child. There is no force to anybody, to parents or to School Authorities. But yes every school who participate in Soham’s friend programme to tell their wards clearly the purpose of such cause.

Master Prikshit

If in their tender age the Seed of Giving is Sown it will help them to grow responsibly in to floweriest tree of Society later.

The school also needs to arrange the trip on a holiday of their children to “ SOHAMVISHVAS GHAR” where SOHAM’s children reside

Every child will be asked to meditate in SOHAMVISHVAS GHAR for say 10 minutes on their visit and be asked to repeat daily after getting up and before sleeping in their homes. Children visiting SOHAMVISHVAS GHAR needs to bring their water bottles, lunch packets along with them. Children should be instructed to take caution of respecting sentiments SOHAM’s every child by their teachers. The School children need to be reminded that they should not have pity on the less moneyed brothers because from inside every child is equally resourceful.

This relationship of Mutual friendship will be termed as FRIENDS OF SOHAM.

You can also contribute by sharing following items

Friend Of SOHAM

  • Toys
  • Books
  • Dress for male children in the age group of 7-14 years
  • Funds
  • Ststionary
  • Any other item useful for Kids upbringing such as School bags, shoes etc


You are welcome to visit us at Solan and learn with children the art of Self Awareness and know the charms of Meditation and then you can start Meditation as the core activity of all these interventions.

Way of Payment

All cheques/draft can be made in favour of SOHAM (Account Payee) payable at State bank of Patiala , Solan. You can send it to...... C/o Soham

DAMAN AHUJA A-6 Dev Bhoomi Apartments
Power House Road, Saproon
Solan. H.P. India