Happiness is part of who we are. Joy is the feeling

Tony DeLiso

Empowering Communities

How rural communities are: problems identified

People in rural areas have been largely undertaken by the problem of alcoholism, mostly during and after the tomatoes season, when they sell their produce in the market and have enough to enjoy. Young children watch their parents with all these activities but because of their innocence they are not able to say anything. This fills them with a negative feeling for their fathers and also they become prey to these habits when they grow up.

During our survey in different villages of in and around Solan district we found that many males have 2 wives. Children from the first wife are just living in the family with no attention. First wife does not have a say in the family and father enjoys his life with the second wife. This has a direct impact on the development of children, when they watch their fathers in unjust activities. Wife beating is a normal activity in such families. With low income in the family most of the basic needs of the children are ignored. There is hardly any environment in the family where children can study. In most of such cases children are the biggest sufferers and they leave their studies in between.
Children particularly in villages are not that fortunate to have regular schooling and continuous education, where as the children in urban areas, the school, parents/guardians are facing the similar problems which are being faced by the children of any Metro City. The children in rural areas are deprived, lack opportunities and do not get exposure for better education as they are also overburdened by the heavy school bags. Education syndrome had been left unattended for their personal and social problems. There are many efforts by the Govt. to provide bookish knowledge and school curriculum which does not prepare them to cope with the new societal challenges. Therefore there is a need to provide extra inputs for school going and out of school children to develop their life skills.


The goals of the project

Children Home SOHAMVISHVAS GHAR has evidently shown us that the problem of Children are interlinked with multiple complex issues in the family and community, Primarily poverty, alcoholism, gender discrimination, and lack of education. Since we are fully aware that all the children cannot be kept in homes, which is neither desirable nor feasible, we have the strong belief that there is an urgent need to integrate meditational skills in their day to day life so that they are in a position to convert their bitter experiences of life to better one.

So the basic aim of this program is to develop coping life skills through meditation among children aged between 6-16 years, their parents, other family members and other social institutions, that is to empower people in the community through the practice of meditation and to support the education of children.

Plan of action

A creation of a “Soham Center” in each village

Soham Centers are educative centers which support the acquisition of health and hygienic habits, help children with the completion of their home works and tell them small stories of character building, bravery, patriotism and Leadership. This helps to develop their overall personality by saving them the negative effects of social environment. These Education Centers will also provided by a small box library in each village and promote the acquisition of reading habits by distributing good books to them.

Integrating meditation in schools to support children holistic development. At the beginning, a small course on meditation with clear, concise and communicative contents is held as an extracurricular activity. Teachers will be help to include a session of meditation in the daily routine.

Conducting awareness program for parents, school teachers and key persons of the village.

To produce and publish a small booklet on how to inculcate Meditation in a day to day life for students, parents and school teachers.

To publish and disseminate learning material on meditation and life education.

What has been done at the moment

At the moment we have begun to work in two villages Kothi Devera and Keller in Solan block. In each one we have opened a SOHAM CENTERS and we are teaching children, adolescents and young persons to integrate meditation in their day to day life in order to minimize their problems, deficiencies and deprivations.