One of the child master Tarachand of Haripur village has completed the basic course of computer from local center of APTECH computer in Solan. He has finally joined back in his family.This family was a broken family earlier but with the organisations continuous efforts it is again united now

Awards: One Child of SOHAM has won State award in Bhajan competition and Natti competition representing Ghatti school at state functions.

Mr. Daman Ahuja who is also founder of "Social Orientation To Human Aspirations Through Meditation" was awarded the Best Project Manager twice for his excellent services by Principal Secretary, Health, Govt. of Uttar Pradesh in his services to USAID funded project called SIFPSA

As National Incharge, Field Planning- Red Ribbon Express, he has addressed thousand meetings with top Bureucrats, Political Leaders and Media Persons. He was Awarded by Union Health Minister Sh. Gulam Nabi Azad on the closing cerimony of Red Ribbon on 1st Dec, 2010 for his meritorious services.