Distance From Nature

The voice of chirping birds, lush green valleys of vegetation, mountains trees, the pure air always relax mind. It has value attached to it, but mind with its experiences is always drawn towards the complexities. That may be to earn more money, fame, status or respect among others. The time which one could have spent with nature goes in all above things as a result life’s complexities increases. No time is left for cleaning the slate of mind daily. Information and experiences are added daily to the mind without deleting the harmful ones. That may be anger, lust, greed and ego. If one remains with the nature automatically these harmful gradients remains controlled.

Inner/ Outer Heights

A child from very beginning is directed towards the outer statuses by physical education. No Education of inside is given to him, as a result when he grows he is attracted towards a beautiful car, a good office, heavy bank balance and material life. He spent all his energies in gaining these physical heights of outside only. He never or rarely tastes the inner bliss. For that matter many people debate this issue that in India they are going to temples, church, Gurudwara, Masjid for their inner growth. I highly object to this. Going to Mandir, Gurudwara, Masjid and Church do not change their lives and there is no amount of peace is there. An old lady of age 90 has visited Mandir through out his life and as when it comes to her bahu (daughter in law) she rebukes her like anything. Their grandsons watches this lady daily and decides not to visit the temple. Because they do not see a change in their Grand Maa. All religious places and scriptures are the light houses which gives us the directions to visit our inner temple, Inner Gurudwars, Inner Masjids, and Inner Churches and explore our divinity their.
All of a sudden when his outer energies start declining he realizes that this is not what he is asking for. It is not the real comfort and satisfaction for which he was longing. At this point of time he is probably a patient of Sugar, High or Low BP, Asthema or Heart Disease. What ever he has gained goes only to Doctors. This happens with the Doctors, Engineers, Professors or for that matter with all the people with Extreme Jobs, high professional executives and with anybody and everybody. His Highness Dalie Lama says that technology can create any amount of things for the physical comforts of this body except a Happy Mind.
It is therefore very important to keep a balance between life’s inner as well as outer needs. If keep on having a check on our inner desires ie. a control over our desires for money, desire for fame, status or the outer world from the very beginning, it will add a taste to our life. As there is a need to grow outside, similarly there is a need to grow inside. Growing inside means a having a check on our uncontrolled desires, greed, anger lust and Ego.

Love Is The Basis

Loving one self is great! But do we really love ourselves? Before spreading the love around we need to love ourselves. Loving one self is an art. It does not mean buying very expansive clothes, possessing very handsome cars, eating at 5- star hotels and caring too much for our body even at the cost of others. It means being aware and to live in total awareness always. Being aware means we should see ourselves from a point of view where we could assess what is good for our selves as we see others. Being aware about our inner mechanisms, awareness about mind and awareness about our desires. Desires always lead to complexities and add tension, stress, pressure and targets to our life and in achieving those targets, ambitions in life we add complexities. We behave in such a way which is not peaceful, loveable, respectable and satisfying. Thus we loose our inner nature of love peace and bliss and a time comes when we even do not recognize them. For eg. A murder who just murder a person by taking a supari (killing for funds) for some funds. Therefore loving one self means being aware about the positive and negative mechanism of inner self. Being conscious about how a thing affects our inner self

Meditation Is The Crux

Whatever is written above can be easily achieved if we do meditation regularly. It is recognizing our true self, our true nature. No set of words can really explain it because it is a true realization and a subject of experience rather than discussion, yet outwardly it can be said as BEING AWARE. Being watchful always about our nature. “Closing our Eyes and watching ourselves. Being watchful always about our nature. Watching our mind yet not recognizing ourselves as only mind or only body or only senses but one who keeps a watch over all three of them. This is Self and to be situated in that self is MEDITATION.
When we sit for meditation an inner poise ness, calmness is the first outcome. Our mind gradually goes to rest after visiting past and future. It comes to the present. Gradually the relatives of Meditation join us, if we keep a regular practice we are situated in to it and Meditation becomes an attitude of life.
It generates s Self less love, kindness, calmness, desire less ness, unpossessiveness, unattachment, greediness, lustlessness, angerlessness and all divine qualities. Yes there may be a rise in Postive EGO, superiority complex, righteousness etc. Here comes the role of Service and Professional Social work.