Social Orientation To Human Aspirations Through Meditation

Welcome To Soham

Welcome To Soham

Social Orientation To Human Aspirations Through Meditation (SOHAM) is a non profit grass root organization based in the Solan district of Himachal Pradesh, in India. It strives to empower children and their communities, supporting health, education and through the practice of meditation.

SOHAM started its journey with the establishment of a Home for neglected children called Sohamvishvas Ghar. Fifteen children aged 7-14 yrs who had no families or whose families had neglected them have been groomed for 10 years (2005-2014) and are now settled in different streams of life earning their own livelihood. Besides regular support of education, recreation, medical aid, vocational training and nutrition they were nurtured with the balm of meditation to overcome traumatic experiences of life. The center was established in a familiar atmosphere at Sabhtu Road in Ghatti Village of solan block of Solan District of Himachal Pradesh, with a couple who provided care, love and everything they need.

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SOHAM believes that no development is possible without developing the Inner Self and that Meditation is the base for Self Enrichment. It helps to resolve our EGO, Inner Conflicts Politics of personal motives and generates love and a strong will power.

SOHAM experienced that Mediation is a life long process for Self exploration and developing life skills so that one can realize the meaning of education in life. SOHAM do not see meditation as a branch of knowledge of any particular sect or ideology but definitely felt that it can bring commitment in life. It generates self awareness about the issues to which we are associated, developmental as well as individual. It galvanizes our physical systems with perseverance, peace and love. It keeps us energetic throughout. It makes us more sensitive towards others, to the societal expectations. For any body who wish to be a part of any development process, meditation is a must.

So all our developmental activities have Meditation as a core activity.

Childern of Soham

Our experience has shown us that for children with fewer physical resources, this internal development must be emphasized even more. Through meditation,they see that the inner strength gained from their struggles can be just as powerful as any physical resource.
Presently SOHAM is running a library and a Meditation Centre for children in Bhant village of Dangri Panchyat in Solan Block of Solan District. SOHAM is supporting the needy children for education, nutrition, health aid and vocational training in the vicinity and all over by identifying them and registering them.

Field Centers

Soham is sharing its experience with the rural kids by running two centers in villages in evening by the earlier batch children who have grown up now as young adults and taken the task forward.


SOHAM has already purchased 4 Biswas of land for the construction of its own building for the community development activities related to children, youth and women, conduct research in areas related to the welfare of communities, train budding development professional and advocate for these communities. SOHAM strives to built SOHAM Institute of Community Development and Action as a hub of all its activities through the approach of Development with Divinity. SOHAM appeals to all likeminded people to donate for this cause.

Way of Payment (Address for Correspondence) All cheques/draft can be made in favour of SOHAM (Account Payee) payable at State bank of Patiala, Solan (HP).You can send it to......

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